P'illoporto - Portland, Oregon

                                                P'illoporto!  Iconographic products for your home and body from the mind of New York Times illustrator, Phil Marden.  Bold minimalist design and retro-inspired  graphics evoke vintage illustration, early mass-production, comic art and advertising.  Our all-linen pillows with kapok fill and embroidered with our ironic and iconic designs will bring a dash of whimsy to your living room, bedroom or kid's room.  Our 'toon towels, silk-screened in minimal black on recycled hemp blend fabric, make great napkins for your table.  And our colorful tote bags, silk-screened and embroidered on high-quality, durable canvas, will signal your intrepid nature at school, the beach or the grocery store.


Phil Marden, P'illoporto's founder and designer, has spent over twenty years working as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Character Designer in NYC and now, Portland.   He plays with simple lines and shapes, color and character to create his cool, iconic designs for P'illoporto like the Happy Cowboy, the Reclining Woman and the Sad Sailor. Let us know what you think.

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For more of Phil Marden's work, go to his site on Cargo Collective.  There's a link on the Contacts Page.